Mobile EV AC Charger

Mobi L2
A mobile alternative to the infrastructure-heavy, stationary L2 chargers, Mobi EV Chargers are battery-powered, providing powerful charging without the need for complex infrastructure.
 EV AC Charger
x2 J1772 Connector to charge two EV's at once
80 kWh
  Battery Capacity:80 kWh
Beneficial for using off-peak power, demand shift, and unaffected by a power shortage
Self-propelled drive train system
  Minimal infrastructure upgrade
Can be charged from a regular 100V AC outlet
  3G-4G LTE 
Remote monitoring and GPS tracking


General Specification
  Size(H x L x W)1060 mm x 1330 mm x 820mm
  Weight: 707kg  
  Battery Capacity:  80kWh
  Battery Chemistry: LiMn2O4
  Input Connector:SAE J1772
  Output Connector:SAE J1772(x2)
  Max Output Power:AC 6kW / connector
  Maximizing power effeciency
  A movable EV Charger
  Can charge x2 EV's at once

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